About the Red Hanger


I'm Whitney, owner of The Red Hanger. We are an online boutique, with a small occasional storefront right next to home here in Vilonia, Arkansas (so locals can pop by to shop and try items on)! My hours vary each week, and are always posted over in my Facebook Group!

I also ship nationwide, so if you are not local you can still purchase anything you see! Items are shipped daily and as quickly as possible!

My husband/boutique side-kick Gary and I have been married 11 years and he is definitely my #1 fan! He is the muscle, and helps support me with all my crazy ideas. We have two boys, Drake (10) and Garrett (2), and baby sister Kynslee is just one week old (as I'm typing this, but they are all sprouting like wildflowers already)!

Together, we really pride ourselves on finding original designs to offer you ladies here. I also LOVE supporting other small businesses, so all of my graphic tees are small business made throughout the south. I LOVE supporting my local community (and global boutique sisterhood community) whenever possible and I really appreciate all of you #ShoppingSmall as well with the Red Hanger! 

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you find something you love!

- Whitney + Gary